Smoothie Bowl Craze

Lately i’ve been obsessed with Smoothie bowls.  Well, I am writing this all the way from South Africa and have not had one in a few weeks so I’m having some withdrawal symptoms  😦 A smoothie bowl is basically a thick blend of whole foods fruit/veg with some mix ins like Yogurt, banana or avocado. … More Smoothie Bowl Craze

First Sephora Haul

Took my yearly day trip to France, St Malo a few weeks ago. I must say its one of those trips I rarely look forward to, one word Condor! but thats a very long story for another day… My husband and I normally just stay within the walls but this time we took the bus … More First Sephora Haul

Little Love Bites

I love my food and take it very seriously 🙂 I have a new favourite Cafe called Love Bites. I discovered it while walking with my husband around town and its become one of our favourite places to go on days that we are off together (we don’t have those too often). Their Melon and … More Little Love Bites

Meet the Peanut

I was on Skype with my parents in law the other day and asked them where peanut was, they said he had disappeared as they had visitors. He does this a lot when there are people he is not familiar with, acting all shy ☺️ I only had him for 10 days and had to … More Meet the Peanut

Polish me Happy!

So, if you know me you will know that i’m a nail polish junkie (don’t judge me) I have always loved nail polish for as long as I can remember. I find it so therapeutic and therefore change my nail colour every other day and have hoarded quite a few nail polishes. Ive had gel … More Polish me Happy!