Colour of the month #3: Essie Fiji

Oh Hello June! I cannot believe we are halfway through the year already, where has the time gone?! well, its good to be back!

Essie “Fiji” is a creamy pale pink nail polish. I am actually becoming a nail polish hoarder because of Essie.

This is a feminine and elegant shade with strong white undertones, so if you are not a fan of pink nail polish, this might be for you!

My only problem with it is, it does tend to be streaky when applied so it needs a lot of patience which is why it’s not one of my usual go to’s. I just think the formula is really tricky, I find that I need to apply thick coats to get a smoother application but once it is on its very pretty.

It’s appropriate for any time of the year and I would imagine it looks  beautiful on both short and long nails. It also has beautiful creamy finish and can be perfect if you are going to an occasion like a wedding.

I don’t thing it looks too bad on my dark skin either. if you have tried Essie Fiji, let me know how it was worked for you!

What Essie pinks are your favourite?


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