Simple Kind to Skin: A Review

As a girl with sensitive oily skin it’s always tough finding good products at a reasonable price. I love my Eucerine products but they come with a hefty price tag and so I went on the hunt for something more affordable.

I have been using Simple products for a while now, and love it because it is simply ‘kind to skin’, see what I did there? 🙂


They call themselves the ‘sensitive skin care experts’ if you have sensitive skin this is a brand you definitely what to get familiar with.

It basically does what it says on the can. Of course I have some favourite and not so favourite products from them. I will start with my least favourites.

Facial Scrub: It’s a facial scrub, I don’t feel like it does anything exciting for my skin. there are better facial scrubs out there. It’s just a basic Scrub and exfoliates ok. I found the granules a bit hard to rinse off.


Moisturising facial wash: This product is disappointing, if feels like a facial wash mixed with a moisturizer. it’s geared towards normal to dry skin and since I have oily skin, it does not work for me.


Facial Wipes: The are nothing special, they are stronger than most, yes but that’s about it. They dry quickly and the price does not seem to help as I think they are overpriced for what they are.

My faves:

The Soap: It leaves you feeling clean and not dry, it has not colour and no perfume…what more can you ask for from afar of soap. its perfect if you have sensitive skin like I do.

Facial Wash Gel: It’s the perfect gel like consistency and feels amazing on the face, it’s not runny so does not feel cold when applied. I simply love it.

Facial Toner: Again, this toner leaves your face feeling clean and does not dry you out. I and a follower of the Cleans, Tone and moisturize routine and it has not let me down. It leaves my face feeling smooth and refreshed.



Foaming cleanser: For me this is the star of the show, it’s so gentle and removes makeup like not other, it comes in a pump style dispenser and the foam is so easy to spread around the skin. Its my all time favourite Simple product and the star of my routine.


All in all this is a good and affordable skin care brand. The fact that it’s for sensitive skin makes it even better. It will remain my ”go to’ for a long time.

What are your favourite affordable skin care products? Have you tried any Simple products?






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