Umzolozolo Safari Lodge

Finally getting the chance to write about my experience at Umzolozolo Private Safari Lodge. Things are happening and I find life is moving by too fast 😦

Anyway we stayed at this lovely game reserve for one night. We were staying at their sister lodge, Nambiti Hills for one night and because we were having so much fun decided to extend out stay so they moved us here as they were out of rooms.

The lodge has just been renovated when we got there but obviously we had never been there before so don’t know what exactly the difference was. So to us it was all new 🙂

We had a lovely welcome and stayed in the Presidential Suite and we had our own jacuzzi. Unfortunately we did not get to use the Jacuzzi as it was not working when we got there 😦 apparently it was fixed later in the day but they failed to communicate this to us, anyway we were not really worried about it as we were only there for one night but still would have loved to make the most of our short time there.

Other than that and our door constantly banging in the night as it was windy (we put a table against it, guess its extra security in case a Lion comes knocking too 🙂 ) we had a wonderful time.

Umzolozolo is quite different to Nambithi Hills, in a sense that its more expensive, the service seems a little more relaxed, the wi-fi is non existent and the lodge is not fenced meaning the animals can come right up to your door if they wanted to! it’s exhilarating and scary at the same time. You are not allowed to walk alone at night for this reason, a guide will collect you from your room to dinner and escort you back.

There are his and hers showers both inside and outside and a lovely bath. I was not brave enough to use the outside shower though!

Again, I can not praise the views, the decor and the amazing animals enough. It is an experience of a lifetime. The pictures do not do it justice. We went on both evening and morning safari rides and even got to see a Lion chase some Wildebeest! it was breathtaking! we also saw so many Rhino, they are doing a good job protecting them.

The only big gripe with this place for me and my husband was the food. I’m a foodie at heart and love trying new things and love to take pictures of food but on this occasion I was very disappointed 😦 while my husband is a chef, he tries hard not to judge or criticise food because he knows how hard it is in a kitchen but here every food item left was wishing we were home and this let the whole experience down. I’m sure this is not what was intended and sure do hope it will be improved.

Otherwise if you are ever in KZN or in the Ladysmith area please do pay them a visit for THAT special safari experience!

Next I will be writing about my experience at Thula Thula Game Lodge in Richards Bay \ Empangeni the home of the elephant whisperer, so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

now for the pictures:


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