Colour of the month #2: OPI ‘Keeping Suzie at Bay’

I really don’t know what happened to February. One minute it was January and then boom now its March.

Besides February being my birthday month, I still feel like it just went by too quickly. Speaking of my Birthday month, I celebrated in style at with an intimate dinner at a Wine Cellar with my hubby and close friends. I don’t make a big fuss of my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I have attached a few pics.


















Now onto business, the color I’m choosing this month is OPI ‘keeping Suzie at bay’

Keeping Suzie at bay is a Blue creme.

I absolutely love this shade of blue. Its deep and goes so we’ll with my dark skin tone. It’s almost spring and I know this is an ‘autumn’ colour the weather is still quite chilly so this color still represents the season well.
It’s a lovely in-between color between navy and cobalt. it’s a colour I would definitely repurchase!


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