Cape Town Travel Diary

I visited Cape Town for the first time in 2016 and it was amazing!

besides the fact that I was born in South Africa, I could never really afford a holiday in Cape Town while living there. I had opportunities to go but you know being invited by someone is different then going for yourself and doing your own thing.

We stayed at the Romney Park all Suits Hotel and Spa. It is well situated and was not too difficult to find. We had an early flight so got there around midday but couldn’t go into the room until ‘check in time’ of 2 O’ Clock.








I did mention when making the booking that it was  a special occasion so they provided us with a complementary bottle of Rose (which I had all by myself since DH does not drink :p ) and a fruit platter which was very kind.









We could see Cape Town stadium from our balcony which was lovely although we couldn’t spend too much time there is the weather was crap. the weather also meant we could not go to table mountain for the whole three days, which is something we were really looking forward to 😦














We visited the Water Shed, Cape Town Aquarium,The Iziko South African Museum, the V & A Waterfront food markets (where I had my first ever bubble tea) and surrounding malls, and, of course had a walk about on the famous long street.

We had lunch at Mama Africa, Bobotie and of course Malva pudding for dessert, I’m still salivating!

On our last day we took a drive to Simons Town, which is home to the South African Navy. To get there we drove through Chapman’s Peak which reminded me a little of Amalfi Coast in Italy. We found a good restaurant called Saveur and the food was delicious.










We were limited on time and the weather was not playing nice but we had a good time, even spent an evening with family. I cant wait to go home again and I definitely cant wait to visit cape town again!



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