Colour of the Month #1: Sephora Fancy me?


Since I love my nail polish so much and have a forever growing collection I thought it would be great if I did a ‘colour of the month’ nail polish post to look back on and to remind myself of my favourite nail colour for repurchase when I finish them.

But, before we get to that can we take a moment and appreciate this Ted Baker Rose-Gold Manicure set? Like how amazing does this look, I’m into Rose Gold everything right now so when I saw this I instantly fell in love!


It comes in this amazing brogue detailed and floral print lined storage with a mirror. Even the box it came in beautiful! I don’t know if I can bring myself to throw it away..


It includes: nail clippers, cuticle tool, scissors, tweezers and 2 nail files, i feel like this is going to be my new best nail friend 🙂


Anyway, back to the colour of the month. Here goes the first one, it’s called Fancy Me? by Sephora. I fell in love with this colour because of its burnt orange tone, it’s not too out there but its unique.

I must say, its not one of the biggest nail polish bottles, its on the ‘small’ side a mere 5ml 😦




It’s from the Sephora Colour hit collection and delivers intense long-lasting colour. It dries quickly and lasts up to five days. Definitely one vibrant fashion-forward shade.I will repurchase this when I head over to France again one of these days.



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