Paper Dialogues

We had the pleasure of being visited by the Paper Dialogues artwork by internationally celebrated psaligraphy (paper cut) artists – Norwegian artist Karen Bit Vejle and Professor Xiaguang  from China.

‘Paper Dialogues – The Dragon and Our Stories’ comprised of a nine-meter long Chinese paper cut dragon and seven paper cut dragon eggs.


These were being displayed for the First time in Great Britain and were so interesting. They were encased in glass with lights shining trough them and cast shadows on the floor and wall.


EGG 1: Egg of the past, shows the tree of life.


EGG 2: Egg of the past, presents the Viking Period.


EGG 3: Egg of the past, inspired by the dragon ornamentation in Norwegian Medieval woodwork.


EGG 4: Egg of the present, Largest of the seven eggs, interpretation of the Norwegian national character.


EGG 5: The first egg of the future, the dragon guards the most valuable treasure of all..Knowledge. Knowledge is the gold of the future.


EGG 6: Second egg of the future shows the important natural resource for Norway which is also is a Chinese symbol for abundance and affluence – the fish


EGG 7: Final egg of the future. Inspired by an old Chinese myth, saying ‘ a tiny bird lands on a huge mountain every hundred years to sharpen its beak’


These two paper cutting artists have unbelievable skills and did an incredible job with this artistic collaboration!

This was such an inspiration, it left me wishing I could do something with my hands..I might actually try it in the future.


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