Jersey Air Display

A few weeks before I went on holiday to South Africa we had the annual Jersey Air display.

It was first staged in 1952 the ‘Battle of Britain Air Display’ and has taken place every year since. In 1997 the event was renamed to become the ‘Jersey International Air Display’. It normally starts around one o’clock and finishes around five. The last planes on the display are always the Red Arrows which are my favourite and its a good thing they are last because I missed most of the other planes because of work commitments.

There is also a static display by the airport if you would like to see some of the planes on the ground and meet some of the pilots for a small charge.

splashThe Red Arrows always draw a heart in the sky at the end which always makes it so special  🙂


I took a few pictures of the Red Arrows as I do every year and they never disappoint! oh, and the seagulls always think its a competition and also want to show off ‘eye roll’

The next air show will be on the 14th of September 2017 and more details are on if you are planning to be in Jersey around that time. its an event not to be missed.


Pulling stunts
Go Red Arrows!!
Red Arrows in action
Red Arrows in action
So much talent





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