Smoothie Bowl Craze

Lately i’ve been obsessed with Smoothie bowls.  Well, I am writing this all the way from South Africa and have not had one in a few weeks so I’m having some withdrawal symptoms  😦

A smoothie bowl is basically a thick blend of whole foods fruit/veg with some mix ins like Yogurt, banana or avocado.  As the base is slightly thicker than a normal smoothie, it needs to be eaten with a spoon.  You then pour this into a bowl and decorate it with some toppings such as coconut chips or other fruit.

Because you can not gulp down a smoothie bowl, it encourages you to eating slower and practice being a mindful eater.

If you are really hungry the Smoothie Bowls from Moo are the best as they are a bigger portion and they have more flavour options. My current favourite is the Acai Smoothie Bowl (coconut water, banana, acai berry topped with  granola, banana coconut, goji berries and bee pollen)  as it is not sweet but on days when I feel like something sweeter I go for the Blue Bowl (coconut water, banana, blueberries and baobab topped with ranola, banana coconut, goji berries and bee pollen)

Nude Food do one ‘Power Smoothie Bowl’ (Acai, Guarana, Banana, Coconut Water Topped With Granola, Sliced Banana & Honey) flavour which is half the size of Moo and is also a little bit cheaper.

I get mine from Moo on 47 New Street , St Helier and Nude Food on 5 New St, St Helier.

Have you tried any Smoothie Bowls?

Acai Bowl
Acai Bowl
Red Bowl and Blue Bowl
Power Smoothie Bowl



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