Standard of Service

So, i’m not a moaner but….

Been Around the World coffee shop is one of my favourite coffee shops here in Jersey. I had have not gone there in a while I have been quite busy and it seemed to always be full over the time I went around there.

Fast forward to two weeks ago, I went there to get my favourite ‘Blueberry Bliss’ (banana, blueberry and yoghurt) smoothie and a beef Burrito. When I went to oder the cashier was not very friendly. I looked past that and was waiting for my Burrito to be warmed up and my Smoothie to be blended. The Smoothie was brought out with the straw upside down, (scoop side was up and the drinking side was inside) so I asked for another one and the server just apologised and put another straw in and left the other one inside  😦 and said now you have two..

I just thought they were having a bad day and left it at that. A few days after, I went back the temperature was 29 degrees, I went to get a smoothie but by the time I got to the front of the queue the cashier shouted “next’ in such a harsh way, It felt like I was being called in the doctors office or something. I got so shocked that ordered a hot chocolate because my mind just went blank.

I guess working in the hospitality industry does not help in these situations because you always expect a certain standard of ‘service’.

Now…would I go back to Been Around the World? Yes, but not anytime soon.


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