Meet the Peanut

I was on Skype with my parents in law the other day and asked them where peanut was, they said he had disappeared as they had visitors. He does this a lot when there are people he is not familiar with, acting all shy ☺️

I only had him for 10 days and had to and him over to my parents in-law as I suffer from Sinusitis. I knew this but thought I could give it a   maybe I could get used to being around a cat 24/7 but it did not work  😦 I had red eyes and was sneezing every minute of every day!

And it didn’t help that he was so scared of our landlords dog. He was a big dog for a little kitten but it was fun watching them have a starring match through the glass door and watching peanut’s fur stand up before he ran to hide under the bed lol!

He is a big boy now and his grandparents have been spoiling him rotten in our absence that he has had to go on a strict diet as per the vet. He has managed to lose a whole 700 grams 😃 I can’t wait to see this transformation when I go home in two months.

Well done Mr P, that’s how its done! Some motivation for me to finally join the gym 😛

Since hearing the news I have decided to join the gym, I am on a six-week trial and will see how it all goes.

My Big Peanut
My Big Peanut

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